Monday, December 14, 2009

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Heloo friends tour the world .. let's walk to the attractions Singapore Botanical Gardens

This forest is located in the middle of town. This small forest located right next to Gleneagles hospital. Singapore Botanic Gardens has a collection of plants is quite complete. Plants are almost gone or going extinct direservasi here. Similar to the Taman Bunga Nusantara or Cibodas Botanical Gardens in West Java. To enter the Singapore Botanic Gardens is not charged a fee.

This garden has an area of about 64 hectares, here you can enjoy the scenery of green trees and lush. There is also a swan lake (Swan Lake), located not far from the entrance. The scene is really hard to find in the city of Singapore.

This place made perfect picnic spot. You can come along with your family and bring food and your whole family can enjoy lunch here under rimbunnya trees in this park. If you continue to follow the road in this park, this road will lead to the National Orchid Garden (National Orchid Garden).

Price entered the Orchid garden is being charged in S $ 5, free for children and S $ 1 for visitors aged 60 years and over. At the entrance to this park there are souvenir shops which sell souvenirs typical of many Singapore..

From the exit of this orchid garden, look toward your left. You can see the kind of concert halls in the middle of a small lake. This place is called the Symphony Lake.

The park is big enough, if you want to come to this park comes in the morning or afternoon so the air is fresh and not too hot. Prepare well for your drink for a walk in the park because there is rarely drink shop.
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