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Sambisari Temple

Sambisari Temple found a chance when farmers are occupying the land Karyoinangun, suddenly hit hoe's engraved on the stone, that is the stone ruins of the temple. This discovery occurred in June 1966, and soon the news to the discovery of the branch office of the Board and the ancient Prambanan in the National Heritage (Heritage Night is now ancient history). The review and further research in the area is the certainty that these findings is the site of a temple and declared the region as a cultural haven. The position of the temple that is 6.5 meters from the surface of the land around it, is estimated to occur because the eruption of Mount Merapi buried.

Sambisari temple complex is located near the temple building another example Prambanan, Kalasan, Sari and others. Location Sambisari temple about 5 km away from the Prambanan temple complex towards the west, or about 14 km from the city center to the east. Sambisari temple is a Hindu temple Serious Syiwaistis from century to the family of X-Syailendra is in the area of the district of Sleman Yogyakarta province. While digging the temple complex Sambisari also found objects other historical, such as jewelry, pottery, gold inscription plate.
From discovery obtainable is estimated that the temple was built years Sambisari 812-838 F during the government of King Rakai Garung from the Hindu Kingdom of Mataram (Mataram Ancient). Conditions temple complex Sambisari three very clean and many tourists and local, domestic and foreign many coming visit and become a cultural package tour with visits to other temples in the complex surroundings, especially the Prambanan temple is more famous.
Sambisari temple is a monument consisting of a temple and three ancillary temples in the future. The temple facing towards the West scheme a square with the size of 13.65 m x 13.65 m with a height of 7.5 m. It is interesting from Cadi Smabisari that there is no actual foot temple, so that the joint work as well as the foot of the temple. On the wall outside the body of the temple, there are niche-niche, there are over the usual ornaments. Each niche by Goddess Durga (north), Ganesa (east) and Agastya (south). Meanwhile, in the right-left entrance of the temple there is room for two niche deities doorman namely, the Mahakala and Nandiswara, unfortunately, the two statues are now no longer be received. In the room in the temple, there is Yoni animal with a dragon decoration on the ceratnya and a commemorative section on the top.
Three ancillary temples that are in front of the temple Sambisari size of 4.9 m x 4.8 m for the middle, while perwara north and south of the size of 4.8 m x 4.8 m. Third ancillary temples does not have the body and roof, there are only a foot fence and balustrade at the top. Sambisari temple complex is surrounded by a whole fence of the white stone the size of 50m x 48m. On each side of the fence there is the entrance on the north but will be closed.
Roads leading to the location of the temple complex can be passed by all types of vehicles, but there has been no public vehicles which pass through this place so that by motorbike taxis or gig / "delman" (in java language) about 2 km from the edge of the road Yogya-Solo. To reach the location of the temple, can be reached by bus ride majors Yogya-Solo until 10 kilometers where the street toward the temple.
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